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I am Katinka Estrade (Mészáros), an Event Planner and certified Protocol Consultant, working with EU tender consultancy companies from all over Europe. I organise high-level EU events or give protocol services to raise the event organisational standards. I attended the best protocol school in Brussels, called International School of Protocol and Diplomacy. 


Do you need an expert who is familiar with event organisation and knows the rules of protocol? 

You are in the right place! 

I am not only providing event organisation and protocol services, but I am also certified by Meeting Professional International (MPI) on 'Emergency Preparedness for Events and Meetings' and help my clients with preparing for emergencies in the planning phase of an event.

My mission is your vision



Katinka is an amazing person and organizer. We met during the Model NATO Youth Summit where she was organizing the international event with professionalism, attention to details and passion. She is the kind of person that leaves a mark with her amazing work!

—  Madalina Hodorog, Founder at ReImagine Education