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What is Emergency Preparedness?


In today's world, we need to be prepared for any unexpected situation that might happen at our event. 

These emergencies can be categorized into three major hazard groups: 

1. Nature related;

2. Man-made;

3. Technology related.

Most of us are well prepared for 'highly-likely' incidents, such as slippery floors or drunk participants at night parties; and not so well prepared for 'highly-unlikely' situations, such as a pandemic. After some research on this topic in various countries, I noticed that in Europe, we don't have guidelines for event planners who are organizing smaller events than the so-called 'mass gatherings'.

Emergency Preparedness as event planner?

I myself thought I was well prepared. As an event organizer, I read and negotiated hundreds of contracts with event venues and suppliers; adapted the 'force-majeur' cause or agreed on a different wording in order to be protected as organizer.


However, after completing a certification on 'Emergency preparedness for events and meetings', I had to admit that I was not as well prepared as I thought. Suddenly, I felt the need to find out more about what can I learn and improve. I was dissappointed to discover that I did not found any resources in Europe, neither on European, neither on national level which could help me as 'smaller event organizer'.


There are many guidelines on health emergency preparedness, or the European Union, or each country's response to crisis. There are some guidelines about how to communicate a crisis, or what to do at mass'gatherings, but nothing for other type of events.


Emergency preparedness for VIPs


Emergency preparedness and events crisis communication are crucial when working with VIPs and high-level persons. Thanks to my certifications, I am best placed to helping event organizers to plan VIP evacuation and emergency responses at high-level events. I arrange everything in advance with the security detail or delegation and cabinet of each VIP personally. 

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