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About me

 Logic will get you from A to Z; 
imagination will get you everywhere
Albert Einstein 

You already know I am an event planner.


I have always been a very practical person throughout my life: the truth is that I discovered my passion to organise when watching an old video of 7-year-old me. Guess what! On that video, I was showing kids where to sit at church during my auntie's wedding.


It was enlightening: I had found my passion and life objective. Even though I knew very little about the event industry, I was sure about one thing: I wanted to help people get what they dream.

The beginning

On the way

After the big enlightenment, I felt I had a long way ahead so I got down to it! I joined the Communication and Events team of the university magazine called 'Eyes on Europe' and I helped organise some workshops, including the magazine launch event. I started at the bottom, but I enjoyed every minute of it and I wanted more of this excitement. Soon after that, I was hired to work in the the Social Events department of Model NATO Youth Summit 2013 in Brussels: we made sure the 200 participants had a long week of fun after their hard work. During the week-long summit, I discovered a passion for coordination and found out I was good at it. From troubleshooting to problem solving: the shower of compliments was a sign for me that I needed to continue on that path.  

Model NATO Youth Summit, Brussels 2013.j

Building up my



As soon the Summit ended, I joined the Logistics and Operations team of an international organisation called JCI (Junior Chamber International). I was hungry to learn and learn more, to be more active, and get more experience on practical organisation. At that time (in 2013), youth unemployment was quite high in Brussels so I joined a project where we organised a four-day event to help young professionals with their career. With a big team, we pulled together an amazing programme. In three very intense months, we made the impossible possible. We were all volunteers and working on this in our free time, but we made it, against all times constraints: a press conference at BECI, a day at the European Parliament, a day at the Odysée Campus, a superheroes party at La Tentation, a Sunday brunch... Wow what a week that was...

M ore & more experience

After the JCI project, I joined the organisation as a full member. Amongst the different roles I covered, I was in the Board as Commissions Director, in charge of different projects, and I was Conference Director of another big event called European Capitals Meeting. As of 2019, I am happy to provide coaching help for my chapter and pass my experience and knowledge on to the new members. 

In 2014, I participated in the next edition of Model NATO Youth Summit, which took place in Montenegro. It was an enriching experience, especially because I was working in a new country. With energy and dynamism, I could once again test my coordination skills in practice and I was really happy to lend a helping hand when necessary.

Brussels townhall welcoming speech.JPG

Becoming a 


Event at Accountancy Europe “Paving the

In 2015, I started working at a Brussels based association, Accountancy Europe (former Fédération des Expert-Comptables Européens). From project officer, I founded the events department which is now a full part of the Public Affairs and Outreach team. We doubled the number of events organised per year and I am proud to say that due to the high level of proficiency, we were able to automate the organisational side of event planning so we can focus more on content better and improve our outreach activities every year.

Passion for protocol &


In 2018, I started attending classes on protocol and diplomacy at the ISPD Group (International School of Protocol and Diplomacy). After obtaining a certification in International Protocol and VIP Management, I continued with three Executive Diplomas of

- Protocol & High-Level Events;

- Soft Diplomacy Skills & Cross Cultural Intelligence;

- Corporate Diplomacy and International Business. 

This is a life-long learning journey!


Becoming an 

entrepreneur &

starting my business


After 8 years of walking my dream path, I have decided to start my business in event management In January 2019. My aim is to share my knowledge and expertise with other professionals, companies, organisations and help them organise their best event yet.

Having been part of the industry for quite some time now, I fully understand the challenges linked to organising and managing an event, whichever its size. This is why I am your best ally when it comes to supporting you and your team in your event journey, so that you can focus on more content-related tasks.

If you feel I am the person you are looking for, let's chat!

MPI Belgium Chapter 


I am a member of MPI Belgium Chapter since 2019 and the President since July 2020. I am truly honoured to lead the chapter which has 50+ members including 12 Board members. MPI Belgium Chapter is the local body of MPI International, an international organisation representing the event industry. MPI Belgium's status is an association based in Belgium, offering educational and networking opportunities to its members in Belgium and Luxembourg. If you are an event professional and would like to hear more about it, please get in touch with me.


Living my passion


Becoming full-time independent (freelance and more) and starting my own business is a journey I enjoy since the first step. It's a long road to self-discovery, matching passion to goals, finding my own balance and who truly I am. I am investing in learning, optimising my habits and take care of myself and more importantly, finding what I truly love and run towards that. 

I have always been very creative and love to try out new things. That is why I am a multipreneur womanpreneur.

Next to live, hybrid and virtual event organisation; protocol advising and VIP coordination, I have some other passions and ventures: 

  • Planner Mastery 101: my learning platform for non-event professionals who need to organise events and don't have the basics of event management.

  • Calligraphy Avec Nous: calligraphy classes in Brussels with graphic designer and calligraphy artist, Claudia Nocente, WanderingClo

  • Composite | Creative event design & production - New business venture with my trusted business partner!

  • MPI Belgium Chapter: working with amazing event professionals on education and networking; elevating my professional experience; and working on my personal development through volunteer work.


Composite - Creative events design & production

In 2021, Philip Griffin and I co-founded Composite which is a digital, hybrid, and live event management brand providing event production, management, communication services.

The Composite team are experienced event strategists and planners who understand the full event cycle. We also understand how digital content works, both in a full digital environment or as part of a hybrid event. 


We have a range of skills and expertise to help our clients - either as part of their team, by or managing the entire event. We can help you with some, or all, of the services listed - contact us to discuss your needs. 

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