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Welcome to my blog!

Warm welcome to my blog!

I will share articles and stories about my adventure as entrepreneur in the events industry. Firstly, I would like to tell you more about me. Let's start with part I.

After 8 years of walking my dream path, and after years of volunteering here and there, still with the fire to give back to people, I have decided to start my business in event management, protocol and etiquette, to support embassies and companies with their events. My aim is to make other professionals’ live easier by helping them with either organisation, protocol advise, or sharing my expertise through trainings. My aim is to help them organise their best event yet. I believe that we are not on this Earth to suffer or survive. That is why my mission is to contribute to other’s and my happiness as much as possible by organising events. As we say, all lies in the details.

Why embassies and companies? Why corporate events? This came naturally to me as somehow, I was always organizing such type of events. It happens sometimes that I take on ‘social events’ for private persons, but that is more like for fun to change once and for special occasions. I love to work with people, to be in the background of activities and be the invisible force that makes the organisation smooth that participants notice.

Why do I love to see people smiling? Because of my health struggles, that is the only thing that shows if a person feels good. It would be such a waste to make a day sad without any reason. Even on sad days, we can find something beautiful. That is my main string that pulls me every day towards my activities, towards my dreams and towards a beautiful life that is worth to be proud of.

Thank you for reading me. To be continued with part II. 🙏❤️

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