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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Hello and welcome back :)

I promised that I will come back with part II. of my story, so here I am! It's been a bit more than one month since my last blog post, because so much was happening. Life goes on and the big moment came to me when I left my corporate stable job for making my dream come true. On 21 February was my last day as an employee and now I jumped to the exciting unknown.

This week was my first week as independent. As cool as it sounds, as new it is. I had barely the time to realize it. I had a lot of work with different clients and the week felt very busy. After some deadlines and a training, I can think about what's next and plan my life. I am transitioning! This is a new life. Thanks to Francesca Paschetta (who was my productivity coach last year), I don't feel lost. I have some clear methodology how to organize my life, habits and work the way it fits me best.

Nothing happens if you don't work for it with full heart and with all your cells. When you give it all, keep the direction ahead of you and you have a vision, all falls into its perfect place when it's time. Some people ask me if I had to prepare for becoming independent. the answer is YES! Next to that I was consciously working for it since 2013 by developing my expertise or studying further; I also took 1 year (the whole year of 2019) for getting ready. In 2019, I made a full year of side hustling, having two jobs. One full time as event manager and next to that I took on clients to test if my services were needed. I have a very specific direction and I could not find thousands of people doing that. I took the risk of trying, knowing that there are not many people specialised on events and protocol. I did not want to jump and take the big risk of not having clients from the beginning. I took the decision of having less rest, almost no weekend to do activities or rest, and working long hours sometimes.

"Everytime you say Yes to something, you are saying No to something else. The choices you make today influences the trajectory of your tomorrow." - Simon Alexander Ong, Award Winning Life Coach

Yourself or not, you always have to say no to certain things in order to have space for the things you want to achieve. This year really came with sacrifices and unfortunately most of the time, it was about spending time with my family, my partner and having a social life. Sometimes I stretched myself too thin, but then I quickly realized and stopped saying yes to everything. It's still one of my working points, to not to say yes all the time. I also had to learn a lot lot lot about administrative things in Belgium, like taxes, insurances or social security, what are my rights and obligations. I developed so much, I felt like growing up suddenly. It's so empowering to learn more every day.

For the moment, I am just so happy to follow my inner voice and that I took the path I felt is true for me. I embrace it with the good and bad, I am ready! When you love what you do, you find solution to every obstacle and you feel proud to have found the way to make things happen. Like on this photo, what I got as a gift from a participant after I finished an event. So grateful to be able to make a difference at my events. ❤️

Thank you for reading me 🙏

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