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Home Emergency Checklist

This is an easy and simple tool for your family to collect all information you need in case of an emergency at home.


Click on the "download here" to get the English version.

What is it about? 

I am Katinka Mészáros, a corporate event planner in Belgium. Are you wondering what do I have to do with emergency planning? As an event organizer and protocol advisor, I am always caring about the participants and VIPs of my events. Making sure their security is ensured, I took all the extra miles. At least I thought... until I took a certification in Emergency Preparedness for Events and Meetings. I realized I was not as prepared as I thought to be. After researching further this topic, I realized, as a person, that I am not well prepared at home when it came to incidents. I started to work on a document for me when my partner turned to me and said, this would be so useful for others as well. I run a poll on my social media accounts and around 85-92% of voters were interested in getting this tool. So, I think there is some need for it.

That's how we came up with the idea of sharing this document, which serves as a template for households.

The template is based on information I collected, and thought might be useful to have in a centralized place and easy to find. There is nothing scientific about it, just all the practical things in one place and I hope it will be useful for you as well.

This template contains: a free downloadable checklist of useful information to document per household with 1-3 members. I am preparing an extended version for households with more than 3 members. If you would like to get it, drop me an email at

Stay safe and let me know if this template was useful for you! :)



Events By KM represented by Katinka Estrade (Mészáros), cannot be held responsible in case of mis-use, information lost of a template filled with third party details, or any problems arising from the person's mis-behaviour of confidentiality. Events by KM is not completing and not collecting third party information for the purpose of this checklist.

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